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High in the Andes in Abancay, Peru, is a “little” organization involved in a God-sized calling to reach remote communities in this region with the Gospel. AIDIA is a translation organization led and executed by indigenous Quechua people. CAC, in partnership with AIDIA, is working in concert to build up, strengthen, and grow the local church, promote the use of Quechua scriptures, and raise biblically solid leadership for effective advancement of God’s Kingdom in this, the Eastern Apurimac region of Peru.


We are specifically partnering with them as they develop local believers in pastoral training and leadership development, as well as training and developing Sunday schools and leadership needed for kids and youth as churches in these remote communities are planted. 


We are excited by the in-roads the Kingdom is making in these lives and the coming transformation of their families and communities.

Watch the slide gallery below for more information and update on our partnership in Peru (follow-up from Peru Sunday, Feb 2022)

Peru Annual Reporting

We are incredibly excited about being involved in what God is doing in Peru. Below are links to parts of the annual reports we receive from our friends at AIDIA. You have access to stories with photos that tell of the impact had on lives and communities through our partnership. Leaders are being developed and trained. Kids are being taught. Churches and Sunday schools are being planted and communities are being changed for the Kingdom. Also available is a numbers summary of the impact the stories are part of. Be encouraged friends!


If you would like to see the full report, please contact Pastor Holly.

2022 Reports

    1. Quarterly Report Jan-Mar 2022

    2. Numbers Summary Financial Year 2021

    3. Stories of Impact (Jan-June 2021)

    4. Stories of Impact (July-Dec 2021)

2021 Reports

     1. Quarterly Report (January - March 2021)

     2. Quarterly Report (April - June 2021)

2020 Reports

  1. Quarterly Report (July - September 2020)
  2. Numbers Summary FY 2020
  3. Stories of Impact (Jan - June 2020)
  4. Stories of Impact (July - Dec 2020)

2019 Reports

  1. Schedule B = Numbers Summary
  2. Schedule C = Stories of Impact (Jan-June 2019)
  3. Schedule D = Stories of Impact (July-Dec 2019)

2018 Reports

  1. Project Stories of Impact 1
  2. Project Stories of Impact 2
  3. Number Summary

Project Stories of Impact

Testimonies are powerful. To hear from our friends, click on a video below to hear about the impact AIDIA and, by extension CAC, is having in the lives of many.


Covid Relief Update

September 2, 2020

Our friends in Peru are now in their 2nd lockdown/quarantine. The number of Covid cases continue to increase despite serious government effort. There is still a measure of ability to get out to the rural communities and their churches to distribute aid, but it is still difficult. Most recently (end of August) a team of AIDIA members and Brendan Connally (residing SIM field director, Abancay, Peru) were able to get out to the village of Socco and a couple others to get supply hampers to these people. They also had the opportunity to teach Bible! Socco is a village where an AIDIA couple, Enrique and Rocio moved to from Abancay at the beginning of the pandemic. They wanted to be there to continue to nurture and train believers in this community.


AIDIA continues to preach over the radio. This is a great encouragement to believers in these communities who have little to no contact with the “outside world” and who haven’t been able to meet for church for the last 5 months. Pray for our AIDIA friends and the Connally family (Brendan, Erin, 3 kids), their restrictions are harsher than we know here. Loneliness is universal. Pray for Enrique and Rocio in the village as they seek to do what they can while there. Pray for the leadership in these rural congregations; their hearts are for their people. Pray for their radio ministry and the development of audio material they are developing for kids in lieu of Sunday school. They are doing all they can and are finding creative ways to minister. Praise God for the doors he is opening.


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July 30, 2020 - Plan to mitigate urgent needs (click on title to read the report)