CAC Vision Tree Vistas

...where today blesses tomorrow.

The CAC Vision Tree was birthed in Sept 2010 by our Senior Pastor and the Board of Elders. The idea was that we needed a vehicle that would enable the congregation to use their gifts, time and talents to extend the kingdom of God both here in Chilliwack and throughout the world. The Vision Tree involves mature Christians flexing spiritual and financial muscles to grow deep and reach wide spreading the gospel first in Chilliwack - then around the world. The business of the church is to reach people with the gospel. We have sent over 50 kids from Robertson School to Summer Bible Camp. We have supported 6 university/college theological students who are preparing for church leadership. We have raised over $800,000 towards our Parkwood Project. We have established a 6 year partnership with Peru to develop church leaders and to support Scripture translation into the native Quechua dialect. If you are interested in being involved please call 604-792-0051 or send me an email.


Wayne Massey

Vision Director