Encountering the Father

This photo is of the synagogue on top of Masada, the mountaintop fortress near the Dead Sea in Israel. It is the place where the last free Jews fortified themselves from an extended Roman siege, but it was a resistance doomed to failure. The night before the Romans broke in – April 15/73 A.D., the 960 rebels made a sober decision. Would they submit to Roman slavery, and worse yet, would they allow their children to be raised as pagans worshipping the panoply of Roman gods? “No god but God” was their decision and the next morning the Romans broke in to find all but three or four had taken their lives by that decision.

I have sat on the steps of this synagogue and thought about how core it is for us to encounter God – to see Him as supreme.  Christianity relies on each person encountering God individually – to be convinced that He exists, to recognize His character, His power and eternal nature.

Christianity is reliant on each believer encountering the Son who came to earth to live as a man and provide payment for the sins we could not atone for.

Christianity is alive as each believer acknowledges the Spirit of God who lives inside of them and wants to form the character of Christ in them.

That’s what this page is all about. We are all on a quest for a fresh encounter with God. May you find the thoughts, ideas, songs and testimonies on this page to be a spiritual encouragement in your walk with Him.

Pastor Leon Throness

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