Upcoming Special Events at CAC

Click here for a great way to connect

  • Fusion 30, 40 50 or 55+

    Don’t miss out on these gatherings of 20-30 people in a home, over snacks, drinks, conversations, and games that worked amazingly at connecting people with others whom they share a connection with.  Click here to register!

  • Women's Ministry: Fellowship Time

    Tuesdays at 10 am  |  May 25-August 31

    We will be meeting in person to connect and catch up in front of the church every Tuesday at 10 AM, rain or shine! Bring your own beverage, lawn chair, and maybe a sun hat! 

    Hope to see you there!

  • Small Group Study:  A Church Called TOV

    “Your church is its culture, and your culture is your church.” 

    This book is so timely in reminding us, that CAC is predominantly a church called TOV, a church with healthy culture of goodness.  And it also unpacks the qualities that make us a church of TOV like empathy, grace, a people-first culture, truth, justice, service, and most of all, Christ-likeness.



    You can purchase, study and discuss the book with your small group. It’s not a stretch to say, "they will be blessed and challenged for sure!"


    Click on the link below to watch a video replay of each chapter as Pastor Noel shares his perspectives, insights, and personal experience of serving and working in ministry when a culture of  ‘goodness’ was present and when it wasn’t.


    Click on this link to review each chapter's video replay.