CAC Fields of Focus

Silk Road Region

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As a church we have covenanted to serve together with one couple working to build a team who will work among the Yazidi, a Kurdish minority group in Northern Iraq. Among these people are very few believers, no church, and incredible pain and suffering. In 2014 ISIS attacked their isolated mountain communities and violently killed thousands. Families were separated, men killed, women and girls taken as slaves, and sold to soldiers to be raped and brutalized. Many have returned but are now refugees living in camps outside of cities or in other countries. 

Our couple is working alongside the Alliance church in one of these northern cities to bring the gospel, help, and hope to these traumatized women and families. We are proud to join with them as they speak with words and actions to these people. They are seen, loved, have value and dignity, and know that there is healing and hope. 

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(names not published as this is a Creative Access Nation and privacy needs to be protected)