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Forgotten God                                                        6

Francis Chan 

This book is well written and easy to read. Has excellent and foundational teaching from Francis Chan, who is very easy to listen to. It has little practical application however, which accounts for it's lower rating.

You and Me forever                                            6.5

Frances Chan

User Comments: Thoughts on how to live your marriage in a Godly way

Book of James                                                  9

Francis Chan

User Comments: 12 sessions... verse by verse, and it was amazing!  Super challenging!  Excellent conversation coming out of the study.

Philippians                                                          10+ 

Matt Chandler

User Comments: Good teacher! 

Apologetics                                                                   3

Matt Chander

Ray Van der Laan (several topics)                           8.5

Video and discussion

In the dust of the Rabbi                                            8.0

Ray Van der Laan

User Comments: Very good study.  Five interactive studies take you to the land and culture in which the disciples learned to follow Jesus.

The Wisdom of God                                                 8

Nancy Guthrie

User Comments: Too much homework

Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships                     Not rated

Gary Smalley

User Comments: This series will give you some practical, proven tools to get you on your way to great relationships.  Unfortunately, there was minimal biblical content.

The Good Fight                                                           10

Less and Leslie Parrot

User Comments: Very good!  Practical advice on facing relational conflict.

Parenting: The early years                                         8

Less and Leslie Parrot

The truth project                                                      5

Focus on the Family

User Comments: Lots of work, but great content.  Maybe not suitable for a small group.

Stepping Up                                                                   8

Dennis Rainey

A men's series with a younger focus.

Other Studies:                                                       Rating: 

The Art of Neighbouring; 

Jay Pathak & Dave Runyon                                     9/10;

This book is deeply practical, but not deeply theological. It is more like walking 20 minutes 3x weekly rather than running the Tuff Mudder. It's power is in how it brings people into active, and positive neighbouring.

Saddleback ministries curriculum                              8

User Comments: Reviving stuff mature Christians already know

Purpose Driven Word                                              8+ 

User Comments: Excellent

The Feasts and festivals in the OT                            9+ 

Joe Amoral

User Comments: Points to Jesus in the NT

Power Praying                                                         10

David Chotka

User Comments: Very well done

The reason for God                                              8

Timothy Keller

User Comments: Round table discussion about Christian thought. People interviewed that aren’t Christian Very good for thought provoking insight into what non-Christians think about life issues.

Is this the end?

Dr. Jeremiah

User Comments: A 10 week course that deals with the state of world affairs, and especially the US.  The study is centred around a 45 minute message from Dr. Jeremiah, followed by 20 minutes of Bible study, discussion, and prayer.  Each group member can purchase a message outline and the bible study from Amazon.  An excellent study!

Breathing Room                                                          10

Andy Stanley

User Comments: Really helped me to balance our life and finances in a way that allowed us to pursue the dreams and desires that we believe God laid on our hearts.  An excellent study!

The Gospel Centred Life                                            9

Robert Thune

This study really helped us to understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of our lives.  it really grew awareness of my sinful heart and the glory of God.

Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives                   9

Chuck Swindoll

In this book, Swindoll examines the little-remembered Bible characters and events, and helps you to discover Biblical principles and practical applications for living so that you can be who you are in God's estimation - a person of true significance.

Isaiah                                                                           9

Navigators study

Detailed, lengthly; good information.

Available at the church Welcome Centre

Name of study:                                              Rating: 

What’s so amazing about Grace?                         10/10

Description: A probing look at grace: what it looks like...what it doesn't look like...and why only Christians can and must reveal the grace the world is searching for

Philip Yancey Vanishing Grace                             7.5/10

Philip Yancey

User Comments: The video study is fairly good, but somewhat repetitive, and did not lead you to address the issues raised. The book itself is interesting and well written. Very thought provoking (book - 9/10). 

The truth project                                                    9/10

Focus on the family

User Comments: Long

Luke                                                                        8/10

Lessons for group Exploration

Michael Card

Not a fan Description: 

Not a Fan calls you to consider the demands and rewards of being a true disciple. With frankness sprinkled with humor, Idleman invites you to live the way Jesus lived, love the way he loved, pray the way he prayed, and never give up living for the One who gave his all for you. 

Kyle Idleman

Saddleback Resources

Beginning life together

Beginning in Christ together

Connecting with God’s family

Connecting in Christ together

Developing your SHAPE to serve others

Growing to be like Christ

Growing in Christ together

Sharing your life mission every day

Sharing Christ together

Serving like Christ together

Surrendering to Christ together

Surrendering your life for God’s pleasure


What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? 

Max Lucado

3:16 - The numbers of hope

Description: A twenty-six word parade of hope: beginning with God, ending with life, and urging us to do the same.

Max Lucado

Outlive your life

Description: You were made to make a difference Outlive Your Life, in typical Lucado methodology, combines anecdotes and stories with theology and practical application to give us a good look at how we can be more like the early church as described in Acts. 

Max Lucado

Gospel in Life

Description: An eight-week video-based study of the gospel and how to live it out in everyday life

Timothy Keller

The Prodigal God

Description: Recovering the heart of the Christian faith

Timothy Keller

Who is this man? 

Exploring The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus

John Ortberg

Experiencing God

Henry and Richard Blackaby

Inside Out

The promise of real change

Larry Crabb

Real Marriage

Mark and Grace Driscoll

Tough Guys and Drama Queens

How not to get blindsided by your child’s teen years

Mark Gregston

Available from Pastor Matt


Resource and research materials

by Laura Nunn.

-Things People Fear The Most



-7 Churches of Revelation

-Seven Feasts of the Lord



-Ten Commandments



-23rd Psalm