Podcast - November 13, 2020

“The Holy Spirit, being a personality, cannot be known in just one encounter.” - A.W. Tozer

Are you hungry to experience all that the Holy Spirit has in mind for you? Are you thirsty for Jesus to be made famous through your life? Is it time for renewal in your Christian walk?

Here is an idea for you in this quest for more of God. My son, Chris, who leads our Kamloops church, is taking his congregation on an exploration of the Spirit’s work this fall and has been featuring the Spirit’s work through podcast interviews. In the past few weeks he had a conversation with Bernie Van de Walle who is district superintendent in our Canadian Midwest district and former professor at Ambrose University in Calgary, specializing in the history of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Chris also chatted with our Alliance president, David Hearn on the topic of the Holy Spirit. You can find these interviews on the Kamloops Alliance church website under “resources – podcast.” Also just out is Chris’ conversation with me on the subject of renewal. Click on the link to listen to this podcast.