The General Fund

This is a general fund that covers all the operational expenses of the church such as staff salaries, utilities, curriculum, office supplies, general maintenance, etc. The general fund represents the largest budgetary need at our church and has the greatest impact on local ministry. Many ministry plans and programs are developed or curtailed depending upon the availability of money in this fund.

If at any point CAC receives an undesignated gift or loose cash it will automatically be applied to the General Fund.

Building Improvements

These funds will be used for upgrades to the original building such as, but not limited to, roofing repairs/replacement, AC replacement, additional tech equipment or individual room renovation.  A portion of the building improvement account is funded each year through our General Fund. 

Global Advance Fund
(CMA Global Missions)

Around the globe Alliance workers are actively reaching out to the least-reached people groups (LRPG's) of this world. The C&MA are churches, but we are also a sending organization. The Global Advance Fund is the primary means of providing for our workers and the ministries they are engaging in.

Home Missions

A portion of this fund (55%) is directed to be used to support church plants in our district (British Columbia) and other district operations. The other 45% is used to support church sponsored home missions.