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March 2020 Board Report

Report from Elders Board - March 2020 It has been a few months since we submitted a contribution to this part of the CAC Website. I would like to summarize some of the things that the CAC Board has been involved with over the past few months.

  • Following the adoption of the new Bylaws and at subsequent Board meetings, implementation of specific provisions have been completed: 1. Conflict of interest- At each Board meeting, Elders and Staff must declare if they would have conflict of interest on any agenda item being discussed. 2. Those with signing authority for contracts and Church Bank accounts must be appointed by the Board. This was done on February 18. 3. Establish an Audit/ Financial Review Committee each year. The following people were appointed; Chad Goertzen (Treasurer), Jeremy Roberts, Mark Hutchinson, Greg Zacharias, Brenda Wall.
  • Staff and Elders have been discussing the proposed 2020/2021 Revenue and Expenditure budgets. The Elders Board has concluded this exercise and will be recommending to the Church membership approval of a Budget of $1,300,000.00.
  • This year’s Annual General Meeting of the CAC Membership has been set for September 27.
  • The Board is wanting to have more prayer and anointing opportunities for the Congregation. On April 19, following the Service, the Elders will be asking those that would like prayer and anointing to come to the front of the Sanctuary.
  • As you are aware by now, the new seating in the Sanctuary is nearing completion and it looks very good. The Board would like to thank all those involved in this project including Chris Denis, those that helped with sending the old pews to other Churches in local communities, as well as the project to send pews to Mexico. We thank those that gave money to the project to update our building. Your commitment to this Church and your generosity is amazing! Wouldn’t it be great to see if we can eliminate the debt as soon as possible!

We are thankful that God is moving in our midst. Can we ask that you continue to pray for all the various ministries in our church and the wider ministries of the Alliance around the world which we are involved in by the sharing of our resources?

Our Elders Team would like to share with you this list of prayer items.   We encourage you to print a copy and keep it handy for your times of prayer in the weeks to come.

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